October 6, 2020

Industrial Lighting 101: Impact of dust and dirt on thermal management

Heat is the killer of all things electronic. LED fixtures are no different. Fixtures need to be designed with superior thermal management in mind. This includes preventing dust and dirt from building up and trapping the heat inside the fixture. A dusty, dirty layer of insulation will lead to overheating and early failure.
August 19, 2020
best thermal design title

Industrial Lighting 101: Best thermal design for dirty industrial facilities

Upgrading the LED lighting in your industrial facility? Make sure to consider the ambient temperature – many times you’ll see temperatures exceeding 140°F. Plus, the fixtures are likely to be exposed to dust, gases and manufacturing debris. Poorly designed LED fixtures often have limited-ability heat sinks to begin with. Many others have fins that will collect dust and other debris, creating an insulating layer that severely diminishes its capacity to dissipate heat, reducing its life and performance. In this article, we’ll explore how to find LED fixtures with the best thermal design to perform well under these harsh environments.
August 19, 2020

Industrial Lighting 101: Make sure it is a true 65°C fixture

Are you upgrading the LED lighting in your unconditioned facility? Don’t be fooled by the “advertised” ambient temperature rating claiming it is a 65°C fixture. Many manufacturers use potentially deceitful spec sheets to make you think their fixture will withstand those high ambient temperatures. The marketing claims and the fine print in the spec sheets are contradictory. Make sure it is a true 65°C fixture.