Avi-on Lighting Controls

Bluetooth® with Mesh Technology

Avi-on lighting controls is a simple, scalable and secure wireless platform. Its patented technology using Bluetooth® with Mesh allows to create a cost-effective no gateway distributed mesh network. The intuitive mobile app significantly reduces installation and commissioning efforts.

Avi-on works virtually in any indoor and outdoor application, from the smallest to the largest lighting project, and complies with building energy codes and DLC 5.0. The system is IoT ready and can offer advanced features such as remote management, power monitoring, demand response and building integration.

Avi-on Lighting Controls

Why Avi-on Lighting Controls?


Avi-on’s patented wireless Bluetooth® with Mesh network platform operates with NO GATEWAY, is easy to configure using a mobile app and is cost-effective.


Ideal for practically any applications, small to large, indoor and outdoor, scaling from one room to an entire site.


Enterprise-Grade security deployed in highly secured military sites approved by the Department of Defense.

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