Successful convention center operators offer productive environments that meet a group’s specific needs and enhance convention attendees’ experiences. Proper lighting plays a key role in that success while also lowering operating costs.

With Flex High Bay LED lighting, convention owners can better meet the needs of existing and new customers while also saving money.

Here’s how:

  • Improved Quality of Light

    – Poor lighting has plagued convention centers for years. LEDs provide a significant improvement in the quality of light providing a better environment that helps win business.

  • Increased Lighting Control

    – Flex High Bay LEDs can be dimmed or turned off when a room isn’t in use. If a customer wants lights to change colors to fit a particular mood, you can offer that option.

  • Lower Maintenance Costs

    – Flex LED lights and fixtures last a long time, and virtually eliminate the need to replace lamps and ballasts. Longer life spans greatly reduce the labor and time spent replacing lights.

  • Reduce Energy Bills

    – LEDs run on significantly less wattage than older lighting options and can be dimmed, lowering your utility bill.

  • Increased Safety

    – LED lighting is “instantly on” while takes some time to produce light. If the power goes out, your convention guests won’t be left in the dark for 15 minutes.

Reducing your lighting energy costs, decreasing lighting maintenance, and improving your lighting allows you to win more convention center business and succeed in this competitive industry.

Brighten Your Convention Center and Boost Your Bottom Line: Switch to Flex LED High Bays

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