LED Lighting for Indoor Sport Facilities

Flex Lighting Solutions LED high bays feature a rugged design with high quality of light, which makes them perfect for all indoor sports lighting applications.

Better Indoor Sports Lighting

Make the games more enjoyable for athletes and spectators

Create a Unique Atmosphere

Customize the lighting experience for each sport event with adjustable lighting and control systems.

Enhance the Game Experience

Optimize visibility for players to follow and interact with fast-moving objects and spectators to see the action clearly.

Improve Comfort and Safety

Improve safety for the crowd and create a more comfortable experience with a well-lit sports facility.

Top Performance

Superior LED Fixtures for Sports Lighting

Lumen Maintenance Warranty

Our LED fixtures maintain higher lighting levels over time than other LEDs. Backed up by 5-year replacement warranty of L70 lumen maintenance.

Best Thermal Management

Sports lighting LED fixtures designed for maximum heat evacuation to perform at higher ambient temperatures than others.

Strong Impact Resistance

Engineered with a rugged design and durable materials. Essentials Series 4.0 is certified up to IK08 impact protection rating.

Rich Colors and High Contrast

Reproduce vivid colors with high accuracy and contrast, featuring CRI80+ as standard and CRI90+ and TLCI 90+ as an option.

Instant ON Lighting

LED fixtures provide full brightness instantly after a power outage as opposed to several minutes for warm-up and restrike times required by conventional light sources.

Take your Sports Facility
to the Next Level

Increase Your Revenue Streams

Maximize your business opportunities with our versatile LED fixtures for indoor sports lighting, allowing you to host different sports and events in the same space with the optimal illumination and with the flexibility to adapt to future changes and demands.

Grow Your Customer Base

Proud customers and club members are more likely to invite or recommend your sports venue to friends and family, leading to an increased number of spectators and a higher chance to convert them to customers.

Reduce Your Operating Costs

Our highly efficient LED fixtures can save up to 80% energy compared to traditional fixtures and have a much longer life span than lamps and most LEDs, helping you reduce maintenance costs and time spent replacing lamps, ballasts and drivers.

Meet your Sustainability Goals

Maximize Energy Savings

Our highly efficient LED fixtures require less energy than traditional light sources. They can include control systems that detects occupancy and read the ambient lighting to deliver the right amount of light for each situation to the courts being used.

Reduce HVAC Usage

Our LED fixtures generate significantly less heat compared to other lighting sources, reducing the A/C load to provide players and spectators a comfortable sport venue.

Reduce Recycling Footprint

The long life our Flex Lighting Solutions LED fixtures eliminate the need of recycling lamps which reduces carton boxes, product waste, mercury usage, and transportation emissions, offering a sustainable lighting solution.

Lower your Total Cost of Ownership

Think twice before buying the cheapest sport lighting fixtures you see

They may come at an unexpected price, ending up costing as much as three times the initial investment versus spending money on high quality LED fixtures.

Conventional light sources are expensive to operate while cheap LEDs will not sustain the advertised efficacy, life and light output you expect, forcing you to buy again after a short period of time.

Indoor Sports Lighting - TCO

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