Not All Warranties Protect Your Lighting Investment.

Spoiler: Many of them cover practically nothing.

All LEDs start bright, only Flex Lighting Solutions
is GUARANTEED to STAY BRIGHT for 10 years.





COVERAGE FLS Premium Warranty Other Warranties
Comprehensive Fixture Coverage 10 Years
Including occupancy sensors
Not covered
Multiple exclusions
Lumen Maintenance (L70) 10 Years
No limit on # burn hours
Not covered
If it’s dark, it’s your problem
Labor Costs Covered
We pay $300 per fixture
Not covered
You pay all costs
LED Drivers 10 Years
You pay nothing
Not always covered
You may pay all costs
Manufacturer Defects 10 Years
Straightforward conditions
Varies with restrictions
Watch out for the fine print
Peace of Mind 10 Years
We take the risk
You take all the risk


Other FLS Premium Warranty Benefits: Direct Line, 1-Business Day Response, and Free Shipping.
Premium Warranty sold as an add-on. See availability in product spec sheet. See terms and conditions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between the Standard Warranty and the FLS Premium Warranty?

The FLS Premium Warranty is an extended service agreement of the standard warranty, increasing the coverage to 10 years and including labor reimbursement of $300 per fixture.

How is a Premium Warranty claim filed?

To file a Premium Warranty claim, you will need to visit our website https://www.flexlightingsolutions.com/warranty/ and complete the request form under the contact support tab. Select Premium Warranty Claim for Request Type. A customer service representative will get back to you within one business day with a ticket number to reference and further instructions. You can also email your Premium Warranty claim to lighting.tech@flex.com. If you are having trouble completing the form or are missing the purchase order number call our office number, +1 (913) 851-3000 Option 3 for assistance.

How long does it take to get an approval for a Premium Warranty claim?

It depends on the complexity of the claim and if it requires follow-up with the customer for additional details. Once all paperwork is complete and submitted to Flex Lighting Solutions, it will take approximately 2 weeks to get approval.

How does the labor reimbursement work?

The labor reimbursement warranty will be in effect 90 days after the full payment. Labor reimbursement will be made by FLS at a fixed sum of $300 per luminaire for each warranty claim approved by FLS, and is independent from the actual cost of repairs. Purchaser must provide signed documentation of repair completion in order to receive labor reimbursement.

How long will it take to get labor reimbursement payment once claim is approved?

If the claim is approved, it will take approximately 3 weeks to receive reimbursement payment.

Does filing a Premium Warranty claim reset the warranty date?

The premium warranty takes effect 90 days after the invoice has been paid. Making any Premium Warranty claim will not change the start date or extend the terms.

5-Year Product Warranty

All of our products are covered by our standard 5-year warranty including product workmanship, product defects, driver failure and lumen maintenance.

7-year and 10-year standard warranty extensions are available at an additional cost, contact your representative for details.

Comprehensive Fixture Coverage 5 Years
Including occupancy sensors
Lumen Maintenance (L70) 5 Years
No limit on # burn hours
LED Drivers 5 Years
You just pay shipping
Manufacturer Defects 5 Years
Straightforward conditions

See terms and conditions.

Guaranteed Light Levels for 5 Years

Our superior thermal management and high quality components allow us to include a 5-year lumen maintenance warranty with our LED High Bay fixtures.


How Does It Work?

Same as our standard 5-year product warranty, the 5-year lumen maintenance warranty is included for free to our customers. If the light output of the LED fixture drops more than 30% from the initial lumens specified in the spec-sheet (L70 as per TM-21) within the first 5 years from purchase, we take responsibility and replace the fixture. See terms and conditions.


How Is This Different From Other Warranties?

All LED fixture warranties are not the same. When you pay close attention to the warranties of other LED fixture manufacturers you will notice they only provide a basic and limited product warranty against manufacturing defects. They do not take responsibility if the fixture fails to provide the expected light levels over time. In other words, they do not respond if their fixtures fail at their main purpose, which is to provide the light you need.

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